SABCA awarded 5 years F-16 USAFE Depot Services Support

As a conclusion of a full competitive Request For Proposal, the US Government, Ogden Air Logistic Center (OO-ALC), has awarded S.A.B.C.A (Societe Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aeronautiques) with a new five-years Indefinite Delivery contract for Depot-level Maintenance Support to the F-16 fleet operated by U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), covering Fiscal Years 2012 to 2016. S.A.B.C.A. started its common history with the F-16 more than 30 years ago, by the assembly and in-flight delivery of 222 new F-16 A/C, on behalf of three different end-users. Since then, more than 1150 F-16 A/C rolled out of the Charleroi flightline after having been either assembled, upgraded, inspected, repaired or re-painted. A long-time partner of the USAF - more than 330 F-16 A/C were processed in Charleroi on their behalf since 1983 - SABCA started its current co-operation with OO-ALC in 2001, after winning a competition for the implementation of the NVIS-IDM program on the USAFE Blk 40 F-16. In March 2005, as a conclusion of another competitive Request For Proposal, the US Government awarded S.A.B.C.A with a first seven-years Indefinite Delivery contract for in-theater depot-level support to the USAFE F-16 fleet. The new contract awarded last week in conclusion of a one-year long re-competition procedure will extend this successful partnership for another five years. The choice made by the US Government demonstrates its confidence in S.A.B.C.A.'s abilities to provide accurate, on-time, competitive answers to the most demanding requirements from its customers and strengthens S.A.B.C.A.'s undisputed leadership in F-16 Depot-Level Support in Europe. This workload will come in addition to the other programs currently performed by S.A.B.C.A. for the. Belgian Defence, USAF and several other foreign customers.
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Source: SABCA
Date: Nov 23, 2011