Obama says Iran has chosen 'isolation'

US President Barack Obama said Monday that Iran had "chosen the path of international isolation" as Washington announced new sanctions against Tehran over its suspect nuclear program. "As long as Iran continues down this dangerous path, the United States will continue to find ways, both in concert with our partners and through our own actions, to isolate and increase the pressure upon the Iranian regime," Obama said in a written statement. The new US sanctions against Iran's energy sector and a warning to US firms against dealing with Iranian banks were part of a coordinated effort by Western powers to tighten the screws on Tehran. "I have made it clear that the United States is prepared to begin a new chapter with the Islamic Republic of Iran, offering the Iranian government a clear choice," Obama said. "It can fulfill its international obligations and reap the benefits of greater economic and political integration with countries around the world, or it can continue to defy its responsibilities and face even more pressure and isolation," he said. "Iran has chosen the path of international isolation." Iran strongly denies its nuclear program is geared towards making atomic weapons and argues that it is for civilian energy purposes. (c) 2011 AFP
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Source: AFP
Date: Nov 21, 2011

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