Patria Delivers 1st Modernised Hawk Mk 66 Aircraft to the Finnish AF

In a recent handover ceremony in Kauhava, Patria delivered the first of a series of modified, ultramodern twin-seat Hawk Mk 66 aircraft to the Finnish Air Force. Working closely with the Finnish Air Force, Patria has assumed responsibility for the specification, design and implementation of all system integration for the modernisation project, which will span three years. In 2007, the Finnish Air Force purchased 18 pre-owned Hawk Mk66s from Switzerland. These supplemented the Hawk Mk 51/51A fleet purchased earlier. In 2009, this was followed up by an order placed with Patria, for an extensive cockpit and avionics upgrade of the aircraft. The upgrade includes the replacement of all important avionics devices and cockpit display systems by new digital IT systems. The design is based on the upgrade already implemented on MK 51/51A aircraft. Under the current programme, Patria is also responsible for developing software for the aircraft's mainframe, the Mission Computer. This year, Patria will deliver six modified aircraft to the FiAF, to be followed by eight more aircraft next year. According to the plan, all 18 aircraft will be modernized and delivered during the course of 2013.
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Source: Patria Oyj
Date: Nov 18, 2011