Raytheon Trusted Gateway System Added to UCDMO Baseline List

Raytheon Company's (NYSE: RTN) Trusted Gateway System(tm) has been approved by the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) to be on the Version 4.1 Baseline list, a validated products list of cross domain technologies and solutions that are available to agencies in the Department of Defense and intelligence community. TGS provides built-in manual review and automatic validations, such as virus scanning, file type verification, offensive word search and deep content inspection, enabling safe, simultaneous data movement between networks at different sensitivity levels. It is currently in use by a variety of government organizations. In addition to the TGS guard product, Raytheon also offers a UCDMO-approved High Speed Guard(tm) product, a solution to rapidly move large quantities of complex data, such as imagery and full-motion video, from one network to another. "Effective and secure information sharing across government entities remains a top priority in intelligence and defense organizations worldwide," said Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions. "Raytheon's certified and accredited solutions like TGS help customers transfer critical data across networks, keeping it secure and protecting against the unintended release of sensitive information into the wrong hands."

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Nov 18, 2011