Terma introduces new version of ALQ-213 EWMS

To address new requirements in domestic U.S. and international markets, Terma is announcing introduction of a new version of the successful ALQ-213 Countermeasures Management System Processor otherwise known as the Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS). The new Reliability, Maintainability and Performance (RMP) upgrade solution will be available in 2013. In addition to significant increases within processing and memory, highlights include physical form-fit compatibility with current installations, full qualification to F-16 and U.S. Army rotorcraft environmental requirements, additional interfaces to include a third Mil-std-1553 interface and Gigabit Ethernet, high reliability and Anti-tamper provisions. The new design takes the enduring advantages of Terma's EWMS product line, updating and modernizing it for future more demanding functions such as Radio Frequency sensor integration, sensor fusion, geo-location capabilities, networking, and situational awareness improvements. The ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management System is operational on more than 2.000 fighters, transporters, and helicopters worldwide including more than 1.000 US Air Force F-16's and A-10's.

Source: Terma A/S
Date: Nov 17, 2011