Marshall Land Systems Participates in Generic Base Architecture Exercise

A team from Marshall Land Systems has recently deployed as part of Team Castrum on GBA2, a demonstration of network concepts and standardisation for Forward Operating Bases, held at Caerwent, South Wales. During the demonstration to the MOD and other interested observers the team showed a generic base architecture (GBA) which enables information to be freely moved around a secure network and between FOBs providing commanders from section level upwards with operational and logistic data. During the exercise, Team Castrum, led by Selex Galileo Battlespace Solutions, demonstrated a family of fully networked, sustainable and deployable bases all interacting with one another. Marshall Land Systems provided perimeter surveillance using its Trakker(r) unmanned ground vehicle fitted with a 3 meter Clark Mast on top of which was Chess Dynamics' OWL thermal imaging and video cameras. Fitted to the rear of the vehicle was a Roke Manor Resolve EW system. Base security was provided from a Marshall Safebase(r) deployable armoured sangar fitted with a Selex remote weapon station. A sensor fit could also be deployed. Safebase(r) is based on a 10ft Marshall shelter with a rising sentry position, which can be lifted into position in 30 seconds. Once deployed the space in the base of the tower can have multiple uses. It can for example serve as a mini operations room or as an RWS control station. Marshall provided a main briefing facility in an expandable shelter fitted with TV monitors and networked briefing stations. In other parts of the main FOB were a laundry unit and ablutions block provided by the company's Norwegian partner, CSI. These shelters were supported by a deployable incinerator provided in partnership with Inciner8. All of these units can be networked into the GBA and provide commanders with information on water and fuel usage and waste management and in the briefing centre an overall situational awareness picture. "Team Castrum was a great partnership and all parties learnt a lot. GBA2 (FOBEX) has enabled us to demonstrate to a wide range of military and industrial customers, how Marshall Land Systems can integrate into an overall operating base concept. Working as part of Team Castrum has given us an even greater depth of knowledge of networking within a deployed environment," said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems. Team Castrum is a multi-skilled industry consortium formed under the lead of Selex Galileo Battlefield Solutions in response to the UK MOD's Generic Base Architecture (GBA) and Land Open Systems Architecture (LOSA) concepts. Much of the work that has been done can equally be applied to deployed emergency services and disaster relief operations.

Source: Marshall Land Systems
Date: Nov 9, 2011