NLR and Airborne sign MoU on RTM

The National Aerospace Laboratory in The Netherlands (NLR) and Airborne have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a Strategic Partnership on Resin Transer Moulding (RTM) technology. The goal is to jointly develop new, differentiating RTM technologies to create new business opportunities in the field of complex and highly-loaded aerospace structures. Examples are load-introduction structures, fittings, hinges, ribs, beams, frames and engine components, which currently are still made in metal in most cases. RTM is a novel composite manufacturing technology that is especially suited for these kind of thick-walled, highly integrated structures. Airborne is investing in a dedicated RTM facility in Spain, which will be up and running in the first quarter of 2012. This collaboration with NLR is an important step in the strategy of Airborne to become the leading company in RTM manufacturing for aerospace structures. NLR and Airborne successfully cooperate already for many years on RTM technology, for example in the development of ship propellers, space launcher structures and RTM parts for aircrafts and engines. NLR carries out research into the development and manufacture of high performance composite structures. The Structures Technology department has specialists and facilities enabling the development of composite structures under one roof: from initial, conceptual design to prototype testing and certification. NLR Structures Technology, together with its clients, has been one of the pioneers of manufacturing thick composite structural components using Resin Transfer Moulding.
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Source: Airborne International
Date: Nov 8, 2011