Raytheon Airborne Processors Track Multiple Ballistic Missiles from Airborne Platform

During a test at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii, Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) airborne processors demonstrated precision tracking of multiple ballistic targets from an airborne platform. A total of four Raytheon Multispectral Targeting System-B electro-optical infrared sensors successfully tracked multiple targets. The systems collected key information which was then transferred to two airborne processors for post-test analysis. The airborne processors demonstrated closed-loop tracking and provided a precise line-of-sight to targets. "The information developed from this test will enable a robust, layered defense to guard the U.S. against a hostile missile attack. This is a critical part of linking Airborne Infrared to the larger missile defense architecture in the phased adaptive approach," said Tim Carey, vice president of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. "These tests are an important demonstration of automating Raytheon's airborne processing systems for the Airborne Infrared program." The Missile Defense Agency's current operational concept envisions positioning the ABIR platform and sensors forward in theater for early detection and surveillance of a threat. The tracking from two or more sensors will enable precise calculation of a stereo, 3-D track of the missile's flight path, enabling appropriate defensive actions.
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Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Nov 3, 2011