Dutch Navy Endorse Analox Sub Aspida

A year after the Royal Netherlands Navy began using portable gas analysis equipment from Analox Military Systems, it reports that crew are 'enthusiastic' about the units. In summer 2010, the Royal Netherlands Navy took delivery of a number of Analox Sub Aspida portable gas analysers, capable of detecting both carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) in the submarine atmosphere. Lt Jos Bogaert of the Royal Netherlands Navy reported that the Analox Sub Aspidas have been in use for more than a year on three Walrus class submarines. He commented: "The crew is very enthusiastic about the analysers, finding them easy to use and reliable. Despite 12 months use on submarines, no unit has suffered any damage. "After a year, the units were removed for recalibration, a process so straightforward that an apprentice completed this for us. We're pleased to say that the units are now back on board for another year." Vicky Brown, Sales and Marketing Director - Analox Military Systems, said: "The Dutch Navy came to us looking for reliable gas monitoring equipment which was portable and robust enough to withstand operations on board a submarine. The Sub Aspida is ideal, easy to operate and simple to recalibrate ensuring safe operating conditions for the submariners at all times. "This is innovative technology and we're delighted that the Royal Netherlands Navy have found it ideal for their purpose."
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Source: Analox Military Systems Ltd
Date: Nov 2, 2011