Alion Awarded 3 Army Task Orders Totaling $8.6M

Alion Science and Technology, an employee-owned technology solutions company, has won three task orders totaling $8.6 million to continue support to the Army Headquarters Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7 and G-8 in assessing, validating and prioritizing current and future warfighting capabilities, as well as the Army's Battle Command Simulation and Experimentation office. Alion's work will bolster the Army's efforts to expand and enhance LandWarNet, which connects literally every Army information system and electronic process, to deliver essential mission command capabilities that provide optimal return on investment. Alion will provide subject matter experts to assist the Army with prioritizing, integrating and mitigating LandWarNet and mission command capabilities. This will better enable the Army to make short-, mid-range and long-term decisions that impact funding, development and warfighter capabilities. Alion will also help in delivering a fully trained Army modeling and simulation (M&S) community that best meets the Army's warfighting needs by supplying trained M&S professionals. LandWarNet links information capabilities that enable warfighters to perform their missions. Through the validation, prioritization, analysis, simulation and integration of combat capabilities, resources are used to the Army's best advantage, to save time and money and provide warfighters with ever-improving capabilities. The task orders, which run from Aug. 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012, were awarded under the Battle Command Support Services contract. They provide for technical and architectural support services, analysis of alternative support, strategic planning and integration, and overall synchronization of M&S capabilities across the entire Army enterprise as well as curriculum development and training support for the FA57/CP36 communities, which promote M&S efforts among both Army officers and civilians.
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Source: Alion Science and Technology
Date: Oct 25, 2011