Super Hornet Squadrons Now Complete

Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare welcomed the arrival of four more Super Hornets at an official ceremony held at RAAF Base Amberley today, completing two squadrons for the Royal Australian Air Force. The four new fighter jets will join 20 others, which will be operated by No. 1 Squadron and No. 6 Squadron of the RAAF. Mr Clare was on-hand to welcome the four new Super Hornets to their base at RAAF Amberley. The occasion was marked by a flight of 21 Super Hornets over northern NSW and south-east Queensland, with one of the planes flown by Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Geoff Brown. The 24 Super Hornets have been delivered over the past two years - on budget and ahead of schedule. The purchase of the Super Hornets will ensure Australia's regional air combat capability until the arrival of the Joint Strike Fighter later this decade. The Super Hornet gives the Royal Australian Air Force the capability to conduct air-to-air combat, strike targets on land and at sea, suppress enemy air defences and conduct reconnaissance. It is an operationally proven aircraft that has been flown by the United States Navy since 2001. The United States Navy has operated Super Hornets in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Australia is the first country outside the United States to fly the Super Hornet. Mr Clare said that this was an important day for the RAAF. "The Super Hornets are the new front line of Australia's Defence Force," Mr Clare said. "They are amongst the best fighter planes in the world - and all 24 aircraft have been delivered on budget and ahead of schedule. "I congratulate the aircraft's manufacturer Boeing, the Air Force and Defence for the work they have done." Member for Blair Shayne Neumann said that the local community also welcomed the Super Hornets. "RAAF Amberley is a very important part of our community and we're very proud to be the home of the Super Hornet," Mr Neumann said.
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Source: MoD Australia
Date: Oct 21, 2011