CORENA announces third free S1000D webinar: ''Making a business case for S1000D. The truth about ROI''

Seattle, USA . 19 October 2011 --[ASDWire]-- CORENA, a global leader in S1000D software and implementation services, announces the third in a series of educational S1000D webinars: "Making a Business Case for S1000D. The truth about ROI". This free webinar, presented in cooperation with DCL, will address some of the most important questions being asked today in the technical publications community: Will S1000D help us do more for less? What proof is there of measurable cost benefits to offset the expense of adopting S1000D? During this webinar, we will discuss how manufacturers of mission-critical systems with long life cycles have been able to achieve ongoing cost benefits in a number of surprising areas beyond content reuse and improved quality. When other factors such as increased system availability and maintenance technician efficiency are considered, a better picture of the true return on investment for S1000D begins to emerge. Including real-life use cases and using in-production examples, this webinar will cover topics such as: . What is S1000D? And why should I care about it? . What is involved with adopting S1000D? . Why S1000D will save you money . Real-World S1000D Case Studies from the Defense and Energy Sectors . Factors that S1000D Adopters say contribute to ROI . What is the value of 1% improved availability of a system? . What is the value of 10% more efficient mechanics? . What is the consequence of incorrect information? . Why S1000D is a proven concept for the future The webinar is taking place on 2 November 2011 at 10 a.m. PDT. Read more and register:

Source: CORENA
Date: Oct 19, 2011

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