Iran Air plane makes emergency landing, no injuries

An Iran Air plane arriving from Moscow made an emergency landing in Tehran late on Tuesday after its landing gear failed, but none of 116 people on board was hurt, the airline said in a statement. "A Boeing 727 Iran Air plane landed safely... despite the landing gear not functioning," the statement by the national carrier said, according to the state television website. The plane was carrying 97 passengers and 19 crew members. It landed at Tehran's Mehrabad airport. Iran has suffered a string of serious air accidents over the past decade, with the loss of more than 900 lives. International sanctions against the country have limited purchases of new planes and taken a toll on spare parts and maintenance. The country has been unable to renew its fleet of Boeing aircraft, which are made in the United States, ever since its 1979 Islamic revolution. It has acquired a few new, European-made Airbus planes and a number of second-hand ones but most of its aircraft are old. In June, an aircraft operated by Iran's Mahan Air also made an emergency landing at Mehrabad airport because of faulty landing gear. There were no casualties in that incident either. Mahan Air was put on the US sanctions list last week for allegedly transporting members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, some senior officers of which are on a US travel blacklist. by Deepak Adhikari (c) 2011 AFP
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Source: AFP
Date: Oct 18, 2011