TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil is certified to perform maintenance on FAB's F-5 fighters

After a technical inspection performed by the DGEQ, Assessoria de Gestao da Qualidade do Parque de Material Aeronautico de Sao Paulo, the Quality Control Department of Sao Paulo Aeronautical Depot, on september 12, TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil (TAP M&E Brazil) was certified by the Diretoria de Material Aeronautico e Belico - DIRMAB, the head of the Brazilian Air Force Logistics System, to perform periodical inspections on the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) F-5E/FM aircraft. The F-5 is a fighter plane, manufactured by Northrop Grumman, of the United States, and used by the Brazilian Air Force and several other nations Armed Forces, including the United States, as a fighter pilot training aircraft and also to real operations of aerial superiority and ground attacks. The FAB is using this aircraft since 1974, and due to its quality and advanced performance platform, the Brazilian fleet was recently modernized in avionics and weapons systems, receiving the most up-to-date embedded technology. In order to be certified to perform overhauls of these complex aircraft, TAP M&E Brazil needed to meet some technical requirements, such as to obtain the technical orders, specific tools, and special equipments, as well as to adapt the facilities and to organize a course entirely dedicated to train its engineers and technicians in the maintenance of such equipment. A group of 30 engineers and highly experienced technicians were graduated by an aircraft maintenance training school, with classes given by F-5 experts. TAP M&E Brasil have accomplished some modification SB's and performed maintenance on airframes and components of several FAB fleets for over 50 years, like the C130, F5, C115, B707, B737, ERJ145, EMB110, EMB120, as well have also worked to Armed Forces of such countries as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. With this certification issued by DIRMAB, TAP M&E Brazil is now eligible to participate in public bids to perform periodic inspections on F-5s in Brazil and other countries operators of this fighter. In July 2008, then-Vice President of Marketing and Sales of TAP M&E Brazil, Eng. Nestor Koch, who is now the President, announced the Company's interest in partnering with the Armed Forces, by offering advanced maintenance services, during the visit of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense staff, which began to study TAP M&E Brazil as a service provider covering the largest possible number of maintenance activities for the Armed Forces equipments. He commented, "We began negotiations so that the Company can begin its involvement in the complex work of providing maintenance services for National Defense equipment, in general." With this certification, TAP M&E Brazil became the only MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) company in Brazil and one of the few in the world to be able to provide airframe overhaul services for the F-5. "Our next step is to be certified for the F5s rotables, which process is already in final phase," the President points out. "We will be able to perform overhaul and repair services for components that are now being sent abroad, because of the lack of certified services centers in Brazil. This will ensure that foreign exchange will remain in-country, shorten the TAT's, keep jobs for highly qualified personnel in Brazil, reduce the foreign dependency on strategic equipment maintenance, and contribute to increase our Company's participation in complementing the maintenance work of the Brazilian Air Force Depots, in the interest of the Strategic Policy for National Defense and Security."
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Source: TAP Maintenance and Engineering
Date: Oct 18, 2011