Rafael will display SPICE

Rafael Advanced Systems Ltd., developer and manufacturer of leading air, sea, and land defense solutions will be participating in the SEOUL Air Show International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition, October 18-23, 2011 at Seoul Airport. The company will feature some of its advanced solutions, including the breakthrough, battle proven Iron Dome defense system against Short Range Artillery Rockets, the Python-5 full sphere air-to-air IR missile and air defense missile, and Derby, a Beyond Visual Range air-to-air and air defense missile. In addition, Rafael will present SPICE 1000, an air-to-ground Autonomous Precision guided weapon, capable of overcoming enemy GPS jamming, part of a family of air-to-ground solutions that also includes the SPICE 2000. SPICE is a stand-off weapon system that hits and destroys targets with pinpoint accuracy and at high attack volumes. SPICE is combat-proven and is in service with the Israeli Air Force and under contract with several international customers. Also featured will be the Spike Family, an Electro-Optic, Tactical, Precision-Guided Missile System, which includes the Spike LR - Precision Missile System for Infantry, Special Forces and Light Combat Vehicles, Spike ER - an Extended Range tactical missile for helicopters, LCV and Naval vessels and the Spike NLOS Multi-Purpose, Multi-Platform Electro Optical Missile System.
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Source: Rafael
Date: Oct 17, 2011