Global Airborne ISR Market in 2011 Amounted to $17.3bn

The latest defence report published on, The Airborne ISR Market 2011-2021, finds a sector that must cope in an era of defence spending cuts but which is also expected to see robust demand as it is deemed essential to military operations. The new report assesses that the global airborne ISR market in 2011 amounted to $17.3bn. The US continues to account for a large part of global airborne ISR spending and, although its share will decline slightly, it is expected to continue being the leading market over the next decade. A number of countries in Europe remain key markets despite some spending cuts. Outside of Western countries, many of which are reducing or freezing defence spending, countries in Asia and the Middle East are expected to increase spending on airborne ISR.. The airborne ISR market faces its own set of challenges but the capabilities it provides are important enough for the sector to continue to receive priority funding in many cases. This report examines the airborne ISR market over the next decade, providing detailed market forecasts for each of the leading national markets and at the local level. This report will describe how the airborne ISR market is likely to unfold over the next decade given current constraints along with country plans and needs. This report is packed with 288 tables, charts and graphs that show key trends in the airborne ISR market. At the global level and for 20 leading national markets, the report provides forecasts for the period 2011-2021 in terms of value (US$) for total sales, four key submarkets - airborne early warning (AEW), airborne ground surveillance (AGS), maritime patrol (MP), and signals intelligence (SIGINT). Visiongain also provides forecasts in terms for new systems and upgrades, as well as for manned systems and unmanned systems. To learn more about this new report, please visit: "The Airborne ISR Market 2011-2021" on (follow the link in this article)

Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Oct 16, 2011