Cobham Introduces Web-Based Live Remote Interface Antenna Terminal

Cobham has introduced a mobile TracStar Live Remote Interface (TracLRI(tm)) product, a web-based satellite antenna terminal configuration accessory. Cobham's TracLRI communicates with any TracStar Antenna Controller Unit (ACU) and allows the user to easily configure and remotely monitor satellite auto-acquisition operations using a standard web browser available on a variety of devices such as PCs, tablets and smart phones. In addition, the TracLRI incorporates the patent-pending TracPSD(tm) feature that automatically mitigates certain types of satellite interference by managing the power spectral density input of the antenna. The TracLRI can store hundreds of custom antenna profiles for many combinations of modems, RF equipment and satellites. It also provides intuitive, web-based access to satellite alignment and performance data making it possible for users to globally manage their remote terminals. Organizations with a diverse and extensive fleet of satellite antenna terminals, such as the United States Army, would greatly benefit from these features. The TracLRI includes the following functionality: -- TracPSD: Automated Mitigation of Satellite Interference due to excessive power spectral density -- Ethernet-based (wired or wireless) access to the antenna controller -- Advanced modification of parameters including satellite setup, scan and mode settings and modem setup -- Custom profiles for major satellite modems and satellite networks -- Pre-stored parameters allow end users simple One-Button "Run/Deploy" and "Stop/Stow" for multiple satellites and networks -- Built-in display of antenna acquisition parameters, alert status, signal-to-noise ratio, signal strength, azimuth, elevation and polarization -- Local & Remote System Diagnostics -- Available on new products and provides for upgrade to fielded antennas and controllers "The Live Remote Interface application offers our customers a familiar method, via the web, to interact with our antenna systems. Our current and potential customers in law enforcement, emergency response, homeland security, military rapid deployment and news gathering services will benefit from this technical capability," said Fred Cahill, president of Cobham Antenna Systems. "The launch of the TracLRI product and TracPSD feature further solidifies our market leading position for high performance and user friendly mobile satellite communications products."

Source: Cobham Plc (LSE: COB.L)
Date: Oct 14, 2011