Boeing to Highlight Geospatial Data Management Technologies

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] will demonstrate its leadership in geospatial data management technologies for Intelligence Community, defense and national security customers at the GEOINT Symposium, Oct. 16-19 in San Antonio. The Boeing exhibit will introduce the company's newest "Human Geography" technology. "The Boeing Human Geography solution provides community data in categories such as political ideology, ethnicity, cultural habits, language, education and health care -- and how these have contributed to the intelligence picture," said Dewey Houck, Intelligence Systems Group vice president. "It offers historical trends and patterns to help give the analyst a holistic understanding of nations and regions by broadening and deepening their analytic expertise." In addition to Human Geography, the Boeing exhibit at Booth 313 also will feature the following technologies: -- TAC - An analytical tool that enables real-time collaborative analysis through the persistent querying of streaming and stored data, giving users immediate access to data relevant to their topic of interest. -- 3-D Ladar - A mapping capability that uses laser light technology to produce a precise 3-D image of the terrain. The laser radar, or ladar, weighs less than 20 pounds (8 kg), enabling multi-platform use and supporting a variety of surveillance and sensing applications. -- SAR Agility - The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image analysis tool draws on the power of mass-market Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) to provide real-time processing and user interaction, resulting in fast and comprehensive extraction of actionable information from complex SAR imagery. Boeing also will showcase its comprehensive, web-based GEOINT source-discovery solution. This solution allows online, on-demand access to search across internal and external data sources, as well as different classification levels, using Boeing eXMeritus HardwareWall and a variety of industry standard protocols and messaging formats.

Source: The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA)
Date: Oct 13, 2011