Success for RBS 70 NG VSHORAD

On display at AUSA for the first time, Saab's new RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system proved its new 'all target day and night' capability in front of some 100 experts from 17 countries in early September. The highly successful live firing demonstration took place in Sweden just weeks before the official product launch at the DSEi exhibition in London. The live firing demonstration began with an introduction to the new RBS 70 NG system. This was followed by a presentation of the Giraffe AMB multi mission radar and the accompanying C4I systems, as well as systems for signature adaptation by Barracuda. After the presentations RBS 70 NG was put to its test, starting with target tracking against a fighter aircraft. After this, shots were fired at a small air target, a mast positioned missile target and finally an armoured ground target simulating a hovering attack helicopter. BOLIDE missiles were used for the first two shots and a Mk2 missile for the last shot. Five out of five When darkness fell it was back to the test range for two night firings. The first missile was fired against a different air target and the second against an armoured ground target. After completion of each firing, the invited guests were able to inspect the targets at close range. All five shots hit their targets and the demonstration was met with applause from a highly impressed audience. Leif Lundin, Director of Marketing and Sales for the Dynamics business area summed up the demonstration: "These days have been extremely rewarding for us. We have received an incredibly positive response from the visitors and have already had requests for quotations." "The reason for developing the new generation of RBS 70 was to respond to evolving threats and to the changing requirements of our customers," says Leif. There are entirely new possibilities as a result of the features that have been added in response to customers requirements for increased accuracy, greater flexibility and enhanced user friendliness. The ability to engage every kind of target, both in daylight and in darkness, has been further improved with the RBS 70 NG. In addition there is a new 'integrated night capability' and the system can also be easily deployed on a range of vehicles as well as on remote-controlled installations. Huge interest from the market The official launch of RBS 70 NG took place during the DSEi exhibition in London, 13 th -16th September. It received considerable attention when it was launched in London, both by trade visitors and the media. A further million TV viewers in the US were exposed to the product when Fox News named RBS 70 NG one of the five most interesting products at the international defence exhibition. "The high level of interest is naturally a major success for us" says Bill Forsberg, Marketing Manager for the RBS 70 NG. "We see major potential for the RBS 70 NG in the market during the coming years, not least in a number of countries on the American continent which is traditionally a big market for Dynamics' other products."
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Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Oct 11, 2011