LRAD Corporation Announces Initial LRAD Systems Order from USAF

LRAD Corporation (NASDAQ: LRAD), the world's leading provider of long range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs), announced today it has received a $200,000+ LRAD-RX(r) systems order from the U.S. Air Force (USAF) for long range communication and perimeter security at the test and firing range on one of its installations. The order is shipping this month. Remotely operated LRAD-RX systems use focused acoustic output to broadcast highly intelligible warnings and instructions over distances up to 2 miles. The RX's proprietary pan and tilt system can slew and cue quickly, moving up to 60o per second. Fully weatherproof and designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, the RX has successfully passed a full round of military testing that included shipboard shock explosions. "This order from the USAF highlights LRAD's increasing and versatile military uses," remarked Tom Brown, president and CEO of LRAD Corporation. "In this application, LRAD-RX systems can be utilized, instead of time and personnel consuming ground patrols, to quickly clear test and firing ranges before drone testing and live fire exercises."

Source: LRAD Corp.
Date: Sep 30, 2011