Analytic Systems Debuts New Military Power Supplies

Analytic Systems has been asked to produce a variety of new products for military power solutions from tactical power supplies to solar charge controllers to vehicle mounted charges and rugged inverters. To address these requests Analytic Systems will unveil the latest in military power conversion technology at Modern Day Marine 2011, Sept 27-29 at USMC Base Quantico, VA, where they will also be giving away a new iPAD2 in their booth prize draw. Analytic Systems developed their TPS1200 Tactical Power Supply for an on-going US Army project. This unit can be modified to be a DC/DC converter or battery charger to provide up to 2400W of output power. SolarMax, the highest amp output (100Amps) solar charge controller (which can also be modified to be a 10Kw DC/DC converter) in the smallest footprint was designed for remote solar applications ideal for marine forward operating bases (EXFOB). Analytic Systems has worked with the Army and a US Military Prime contractor to develop a new lower cost, more efficient vehicle mounted charger that can be modified to USMC specs. These new products are based on the IRAQ/Afghanistan tested chargers and power supplies that are currently used by the Army and USMC for man-portable radars, HIMARS, C-RAM, UAV systems, weapons systems, and anti-IED programs.

Source: Analytic Systems
Date: Sep 26, 2011