DEP imaging Announces ClipIR Thermal Imager

DEP imaging, a specialized company dedicated to the design and production of innovative technology solutions for night vision applications, announces the release of its new ClipIR Thermal Imager. ClipIR is the first thermal clip-on imager capable of producing a real-time, "full view" fusion image by optically overlaying a thermal image onto the entire 40o field of view (FoV) used in an image intensifier. The unit was announced and on display at the recent Defense & Security Electronics International (DSEi) show in London. ClipIR is a compact and lightweight device which gives soldiers complete fusion capabilities without requiring extensive training or expensive equipment replacement. The device is fully compatible with the majority of fielded night vision goggles and monoculars, including popular modules such as the AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-15, and AN/PVS-7. ClipIR offers a patented Shutterless XTi Technology(r), which completely eliminates the need for non-uniformity correction procedures, reducing downtime due to recalibration. The ClipIR provides a full range 40o FoV, which is specially designed to match the FoV offered by most image intensifier tubes, and is nearly double the FoV of some thermal clip-on imagers currently deployed. The unit also operates over extreme temperature spectrums, ranging from -40oC to +50oC. DEP imaging CEO Giorgio Salvo noted, "The ClipIR is a true force multiplier which extends the capabilities of existing gear, and maximizes the capabilities of both technologies. This gives soldiers optimal performance and vision during their entire mission." ClipIR has been specifically created for the defense and security markets, with features that address the drawbacks of most deployed thermal imagers.

Source: DEP imaging
Date: Sep 26, 2011