Sukhoi Superjet 100 SN 95011 Production Aircraft Performs its 1st Flight

Yesterday the Sukhoi Superjet 100 MSN 95011 production aircraft intended to be the third to enter into service with Aeroflot performed its first flight. The aircraft was piloted by SCAC pilots Leonid Chikunov and Gennady Pripuskov. During the 3hs. 18 min. flight, the pilots checked the overall engines, systems and equipment performance having confirmed the aircraft characteristics within operational range. After completing the factory flight tests the aircraft will fly to Ulyanovsk to be painted in the Aeroflot's livery at the Spektr-Avia facility. The delivery of the SSJ100 MSN 95011 to the airline is scheduled for October. Next SSJ100 MSN 95012, waiting for the engines to be delivered, is proceeding with the interior installation. As a part of the existing plan to transfer the interior mount to Ulyanovsk and thus boost the final assembly process, a qualified and trained team of Aviastar specialists is currently in Komsomolsk to perform the job. The interiors for the aircraft beginning from 95015 will be mounted in Ulyanovsk.

Source: Sukhoi
Date: Sep 13, 2011