ESC BAZ Creates a Virtual Security Fence Across Israel Borders

ESC BAZ, a world-known expert and supplier of advanced surveillance, observation and reconnaissance systems, has announced today the successful installation of a virtual security fence along Israeli borders, in cooperation with a major telecom infrastructure provider. The TOM Vehicle-mounted Observation System has been deployed by ESC BAZ in combination with intrusion detection radars creating a continuous virtual fence for enhanced surveillance in rural areas characterized by challenging topography. Developed specifically for security patrol vehicles, TOM is a vehicle-mounted surveillance system that can be controlled by the driver or co-driver. TOM provides the operator with day and night observation capabilities from inside the vehicle, operated using a compact, user-friendly Control & Display Unit (CDU). The system is mounted on a robust, high-precision pan-tilt unit, and has been designed to withstand rugged terrain and tough environmental conditions. Based on slave-to-radar operation, the day and night cameras are "slaved" to the radar scan. As soon as an unauthorized intrusion is detected by the radar, it sends real-time azimuth and range data to the TOM on the patrol vehicle, the pan-tilt unit moves to the intrusion area and the cameras focus and zoom automatically, allowing an immediate investigation of the intrusion. "The safety of our citizens is always our top priority", says the security commander of the Homeland Security Agency responsible for the surveillance project. "We made sure the latest, most advanced technologies are being incorporated into this virtual fence, so that we provide our entire country's population with the best virtual-fence protection", he says. "With the TOM vehicle-mounted observation and surveillance system being fully deployed, the safety of all our citizens is now secured day and night".

Source: ESC BAZ
Date: Sep 13, 2011