Oldbury provides bespoke platform solution for Team G-WASP

DSEi, London Excel, 13th - 16th September 2011: Stand S6-190 Friday, 9th September 2011 --[ASDWire]-- Bespoke military trailer builder and platform engineering specialist, Oldbury UK, has developed a lightweight trailer as the integrated carrier for G-WASP (Ground Wide Area Surveillance Platform), a consortium programme which includes Middlesex-based defence and security specialist, Meridian Defence and Security, ITT, Thales and Ultra Electronics. G-WASP is a rapidly deployable radar based security system that provides intrusion detection, visual verification, annunciation and communications. It is easy to install and configure, can be rapidly deployed - and is reusable. G-WASP can be towed or air lifted to the operational location and requires no supporting infrastructure. Once deployed the system is designed to be left unattended and can remain operational for up to three months with no human interaction - everything required is within the trailer. Oldbury Group Managing Director, Richard Skan says, "The G-WASP programme is an excellent example of how we can design and integrate a range of complex equipment into a compact, self-contained and highly mobile package. The complete unit is lightweight and air-portable - weighing under 2.5 tonnes, including an extendable mast and on-board power. This gives our customer the ability to tow the unit behind a standard 4x4 or deploy it by air, either underslung or carried on-board rotorcraft such as CH47 Chinook". In optimal conditions a single WASP platform can detect and track multiple ground based intrusions over an area greater than 200 km2 with a fast scan speed of as little as 1.5 seconds per scan in all weather conditions night or day. WASP is modular and can accommodate varying sensor packages dependent upon the operational requirement. Sensors can include multiple long-range and situational awareness Electro-Optics, Maritime/Coastal/Land based radar, Unattended Ground Sensors, Aerostats, UAV's and various communication solutions. In its standard configuration WASP uses 360o ground based radar supporting electronic-scanning technology to achieve exceptionally slow speed target detection even in cluttered environments, the long-range Electro-Optic head includes TI, day camera and laser range finder. Once a target is detected a track will be initiated, simultaneously as the track is plotted by the C2 software the optical and thermal imaging cameras are automatically directed for visual verification. With WASP's rapid deployment being less than 30 minutes from arrival at a location, and its ability to require no external infrastructure the applications for WASP are endless. Examples of typical operational uses are border surveillance, forward operating bases, overnight convoy protection, IED clearance support, critical National infrastructure, exploration projects, oil and gas infrastructure to name but a few. Should a satellite option be chosen, the unit can be controlled and monitored globally. The G-WASP is highly flexible and can be deployed as a single unit or in multiples to cover a larger geographic area. When deployed in multiples the units communicate seamlessly with each other to provide a virtual fence solution. Where existing defence security systems are in place, the G-WASP can be integrated to provide an additional layer of security. Meridian Managing Director, Pavez Ali says, "The G-WASP programme demonstrates the role of the advanced SME company specialist - in bringing together the leading edge technologies currently available from the industry's Primes for security, counter-terrorism and defence. We then homologate these unique, complimentary capabilities and systems into an effective and readily deployable package that meets the changing operational requirements of world market customers". In addition to bespoke trailer solutions, Oldbury designs and manufactures a wide range of special purpose platforms and vehicle bodies for defence and industrial applications. These include its successful MR (Multi-role) series trailers, sliding bed units, sat-comms dish and ground station carriers and combat support boat trailers. Oldbury also manufactures low platform height, Ackerman-steered drawbar units - its Tactical Air Navigation package, for instance, is in use with a number of air forces worldwide. It has designed bespoke wide track 'carrier cradle' trailers for the latest big-fan aero engines and its mobile fully integrated jet engine wash design incorporates waste water capture and recycling. The company supplies the wastes management and recycling sector with specialist handling and demountable solutions for maximum weight and high density loads and the company is the sole agent in the UK and Ireland for ARB step-frame and extendable plant and machinery trailers, 'beaver tails' and low-loaders. -ends- Notes to Editors: Images: A range of digital images is available for use by bona-fide media outlets on request. About Oldbury UK Oldbury UK Limited provides standard, bespoke and UOR mobility and engineered solutions for a wide range of sectors and industries worldwide, including defence, homeland security, CBRN, aerospace, construction, extraction and waste management. Its engineering capabilities include the design, development and manufacture, integration and supply of specialist trailers, transportable systems and carrier platforms from lightweight applications through to maximum weight special types. Oldbury's range of ruggedised ancillary equipment for theatre operations includes enclosed generator packages, high performance air-conditioning units, solar shields, environmental protection systems and a range of high free volume filtration packages. Founded in 1861 by Isaiah Oldbury, supplying axles, suspensions and components for horse drawn carriages and carts, the company was acquired by Skan Group Holdings in 2000 and subsequently relocated to its new headquarters in Wolverhampton in January 2006. Its facility covers a 2.5-acre site, of which 30,000 sq. ft. is enclosed and includes overhead craneage; extensive fabrication, erecting and fitting bays; a dedicated axle shop and advanced CAD and design engineering capabilities. The company is fully accredited to TUV ISO 9001 (2008). About Meridian Meridian was founded in 2003 by an experienced team of professionals involved in the design, supply and implementation of security and anti-terrorist solutions for the Middle East, Sub Asian and African regions. The key personnel at Meridian have over seventy combined years of experience in providing security solutions to government agencies. Its strength lies in its ability to deliver integrated solutions which not only fulfil technical requirements but most importantly, analyse the intelligence and distribute to appropriate channels. Being an independent company we are not manufacturer specific but instead partnership with experts in their own fields. This enables us to be up to date with the latest technologies and offer integrated solutions which are not available from a single manufacturer. Its UK facility manufactures almost every possible element of its products in house. This policy ensures the quality of workmanship and materials are kept to the highest standards, production schedules are controlled and the promised completion dates upheld.

Source: Oldbury UK
Date: Sep 9, 2011