Astronautics and ACSS part of Eurocontrol in-trail procedure trial tests with British Airways, Delta Air

Astronautics Corporation of America and ACSS, an L-3 Communications & Thales Company, announced that they are jointly supporting British Airways, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways on the Eurocontrol CASCADE program by providing avionics that will perform In-Trail Procedures (ITP) using automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technology. The goal of the CASCADE program is to coordinate the implementation of ADS-B avionics in Europe. These ITP initial deployment tests will use the ACSS SafeRoute(tm) software suite of ADS-B applications and the Astronautics/ACSS Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) application. In addition, Delta and British Airways will host the CDTI application on Astronautics' Class III Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). ITP uses ADS-B information transmitted by aircraft that identifies the position, speed, and intent on aircraft operating within 120 nautical miles in any direction. Aircraft flying oceanic routes will use the ITP application to perform altitude changes during climb and descent, which will enable pilots to fly at optimal altitudes and reduce fuel burn and emissions. To conduct these tests, British Airways is equipping four of its Boeing 777-200s and Delta is equipping three of its Boeing 767-300s with ACSS' Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Astronautics' Class III EFB and CDTI software, and the ITP functionality of the ACSS SafeRoute(tm) suite of ADS-B applications. US Airways is equipping five Airbus A330s using the ACSS SafeRoute(tm) software suite of ADS-B applications and the Astronautics/ACSS CDTI application.
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Source: Astronautics Corporation of America
Date: Sep 9, 2011