Denel Land Systems' New M6 Integrated Long Range Mortar System Enters Service

Denel Land Systems has introduced a new, innovative and flexible 60mm Long Range Mortar System - the M6 -- into the market. The first production units of the M6 have been delivered to the South African National Defence Force Infantry. The complete Level 5 product system consists of Long Range Mortar Weapons, with: -- Weapon Mortar Fire Control Computers (MFCC); -- Long Range Mortar Bombs; -- an Observation Post with Laser Range Finder (LRF) coupled to the Observer Mortar Fire Control Computer (MFCC) and; -- a Mobile Command post (also with a LRF and MFCC). The Product System further includes Logistics, Technical Support Equipment (Special Tools, Carry harnesses & 1st line spares) and Training Equipment (complete with a Training Simulator). This development has been based on a handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with built-in GPS. The system uses a Laser Range Finder (LRF) with a built-in compass to fulfil target-acquisition and fire-adjustment tasks. The bearing accuracy is based on this magnetic compass and magnetic declination is automatically taken into account. The Observer MFCC, Weapon MFCC and the Mobile Command Post MFCC make use of the same PDA, role selectable, fitted with a serial communication port adapter for external interfaces. The Mortar Fire Control System enhances reaction time with a high 1st and 2nd shot hit probability. The Command post (CP) is in control of the mission. Missions can however also be controlled by the Observation Post (OP) with Command Post approval. The OP determines target range and sets up a target list. Fire mission permission is granted by the CP and within seconds the target info is automatically converted into mortar sight-settings at the Weapon and MFCC. The advantages of the new system are: a light weapon; large area coverage; faster into action times; situational awareness; safety boundaries (including own forces); ballistic calculations; co-ordinated illumination; pre-calculated targets; line bombardment; point bombardment; high shot hit probability; logistical requests and navigation. This new development offers the user full flexibility to select engagement of several targets and to prioritise the targets in different fire missions using different ammunition when applicable. It gives the user the capability to do route planning, deployment planning, target acquisition, target characteristics, safety, text messages and ammunition inventory.

Source: Denel Ltd
Date: Sep 7, 2011