MCRC Project Success

Melbourne, 23-Aug-2011 --[ASDWire]-- In March 2011, C4i welcomed news from the Commonwealth that the Mobile Control and Reporting Centre (MCRC) upgrade had been accepted; just thirteen (13) months after contract award. C4i signed the MCRC contract (with Daronmont Technologies) in January 2010 to design and build a complete end-to-end Red/Black VoIP communications system. Factory Acceptance Testing of the SwitchplusIP(r) system, which was tailored specifically for the project, had been accomplished within 10 months of the start date. C4i utilised its cutting-edge VoIP technology and experience within the Defence industry to deliver the system to meet the requirements of the Royal Australian Air Force. The SwitchplusIP(r) system was designed specifically for the tactical Red/Black VoIP air defence application and delivers integration of VoIP telephony circuits, analog radios, cryptographic equipment, radio remote control and analog ground circuits; including crucial dynamic Red/Black operation capabilities. Not only does the new system provide Size, Weight and Power advantages, it also enables rapid expansion and addition of remote operators and radios. Inherently small in design and rugged by nature, C4i's intelligent devices solve many dilemmas for the mobile world. Using effective and reliable products allows C4i to rapidly configure and design custom-made system solutions to the highest standard within tight time frames. Possessing a deep understanding of the Defence sector, C4i recognises quality, durability and security as critical factors for successful system design and implementation that meets the important needs of these clients. C4i is a world leader in VoIP solutions for Air Defence applications, with over five (5) years of real world VoIP system deployments. C4i has delivered over twenty-five (25) Tactical Air Defence Systems to a variety of customers such as the RAAF, US Air Force, NATO, and Asian and Middle Eastern air forces. "C4i strategically decided to invest its entire R&D efforts into VoIP solutions for VCS applications back in 2004. As a result, C4i was able to apply the disciplines and principles of TDM technology to the VoIP environment. The international market is now comfortable with VoIP solutions, and C4i is fortunate in having over 5 years history in delivering such systems - which means reliable and proven technology to our customers." - Peter Harrison, C4i Managing Director.

Source: C4i, Inc.
Date: Sep 5, 2011