'AVIV' Now Fully Deployed on Key-Sites across Israel

ESC BAZ, a world-known expert and supplier of advanced surveillance, observation and reconnaissance systems, has announced today that it has successfully finalized the wide-scale deployment of its AVIV short-to-medium range surveillance system for the protection of tens of critical assets all over Israel. This follows a thorough process during which the various sites were examined by ESC BAZ's specialists to define the most suitable solution, based on the site conditions and requirements, and a package was tailored to include integration with existing systems as well as future on-going maintenance and support. The AVIV system is a modular platform that provides 24/7 surveillance for critical assets such as airports, harbors, power & chemical plants, oil refineries, prisons, and borders. The system includes a CCD day camera, a thermal imager for night vision, and a zoom controlled spotlight, all installed on a motorized SMART Pan- Tilt unit. In the case of this project, AVIV has been integrated with an advanced detection fence in a "slew-to-cue" operation: as soon as an intrusion is detected by the fence, the sensors pedestal is immediately slewed to the detection area to automatically place the intruders in the center of the camera's field of view. The automatic zoom and focus enable an efficient live video investigation of the intrusion in daylight or complete darkness. "Today's increasing threats create an ever-growing demand of reliable security and protection solutions and efficient perimeter fencing", says the Head Security Officer who led the customer's evaluation. "Following a long evaluation process we have found that the AVIV system provides the most reliable, suitable solution for our security needs, including strategic facilities protection, border protection and anti-terrorism". "This large scale deployment of our successful AVIV systems emphasizes the strength and reliability it brings to our customers", says Benny Zviran, CEO of ESC BAZ. "The Israeli market is for us the best environment to ensure that our systems are delivered with the highest reliability in the most demanding and challenging environments." He goes on to say that the project represents a further example of ESC BAZ's success in securing and protecting sensitive sites worldwide.

Source: ESC BAZ
Date: Sep 7, 2011