Cassidian Receives Contract for Maintenance and Training Operations for German AF's Eurofighter Flight Simulators

Cassidian has received a contract from the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung - BWB) in Koblenz to operate, maintain and repair six complex flight simulators at the German Air Force's three Eurofighter units in Rostock-Laage, Neuburg an der Donau and Norvenich. The contract runs until August 2015, and also includes the performance of training operations by civilian flight instructors at the Eurofighter simulation centres. Thanks to their many years of experience as former jet pilots within the Luftwaffe, Cassidian's instructors will teach the young pilots basic knowledge of how to fly the Eurofighter. In collaboration with flying instructors from the German Air Force they will also train experienced pilots in the tactical deployment of the complex weapons system. Cassidian has built up the necessary training capabilities for this over the years through the recruitment of 25 experienced Luftwaffe jet flight instructors. The contract will be executed jointly with two other companies, CAE Elektronik GmbH and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH.

Source: Eurofighter
Date: Sep 2, 2011