Metal Storm Winning Team Member on Multiple Awards for Force Protection Contracts

Metal Storm Limited today announced that Metal Storm, Inc. is a teaming partner with seven companies that have received awards to provide Force Protection Systems for Integrated Base Defence capabilities for CONUS and OCONUS security of sites and personnel. These Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity contracts ("ID/IQ"), issued by the Department of the Army were in response to the Force Protection Omnibus solicitation. A total of nineteen (19) companies were awarded a total of twenty-one (21) awards. Metal Storm, Inc. partnered with seven (7) of the successful prime contractors on the submissions representing a total of nine (9) of the twenty-one (21) awards granted. The Force Protection contracts have a budget of $997,000,000 to allocate to the 10 objectives of the program. No contract has an allocated budget at this stage and prime contractors must now bid on task orders to receive funding. Commenting on the awards, Mr Peter D. Faulkner, President of Metal Storm Inc. said "Of the Army's 10 primary objectives, Metal Storm's MAUL and FireStorm product lines are very closely aligned with the Autonomous Unmanned Systems (Remotely Operated Weapons) and Lethal and Non-Lethal response capabilities." Metal Storm, Inc. is able to support the two objectives with their MAUL(tm) (Multi-shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher) and FireStorm(tm) FURY weapons platforms and lethal and less-lethal suite of munitions. Based on Metal Storm's Electronic Ballistics Technology, the MAUL(tm), an individual weapon platform, and the FireStorm(tm) FURY, a mounted Remotely Operated Weapons System, have the ability to fire both lethal and less-lethal munitions at high rates of fire. "An ID/IQ Omnibus gives the Army the flexibility to rapidly generate individual task orders against the ten objectives" explained Faulkner. "We will be working closely with the Prime Contractors who have chosen us for their team to identify and capture task orders requiring our unique capabilities."

Source: Metal Storm Limited (ASX: MST)
Date: Aug 25, 2011