MetaVR Visuals Delivered to 3 US Aerial Refueling Training Programs

MetaVR, Inc. announces it has delivered multiple Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) licenses and visual systems to three US Air National Guard (ANG) aerial refueling training programs: QuantaDyn's MicroBOSS, Randolph AFB's KC-135R and C-130 Multi-Mission Crew Trainer, and QuantaDyn and AVT's BOSS. QuantaDyn received 25 MetaVR visual systems (game-level PCs loaded with VRSG licenses) to install in its production Micro Boom Operator Simulation System (MicroBOSS) for training KC-135R boom operators at 17 Air National Guard (ANG) sites. The MicroBOSS is a desktop training system which uses computer-generated receiver aircraft to train boom operators. The VRSG systems replace Quantum3D IDX 4000 visual systems that have been used up to now in the boom operator trainer prototype. This desktop system uses selective-fidelity concepts in the hardware design to provide a realistic and cost-effective training environment. Through the use of photo-realistic graphical displays, touch screens, an aural cueing system, a high-definition out-the-window display, and representative joystick controls, the MicroBOSS provides the functional equivalent of a complete KC-135R boom pod station. Randolph Air Force Base (AFB) has acquired six new MetaVR VRSG licenses for the ANG's new C-130 Multi-Mission Crew Trainer (MMCT) program. The MMCT will provide enhanced capabilities to support pilot and co-pilot training in a full range of flight modes. VRSG already powers the visual channels for the initial MMCT simulator prototype. These additional VRSG licenses are for the full production run of six C-130 MMCT devices, which will be built by the Trainer Development team and delivered to the Air National Guard. The project includes an initiative to add a refueling simulation component to the trainer. Aircrew trainees will then be able to participate in distributed mission operations (DMO) aerial refueling exercises. AVT Simulation has taken delivery of seven MetaVR visual systems for the visual system upgrade to the ANG's BOSS Prototype KC-135R refueling simulator. The BOSS Prototype, built by QuantaDyn, is a low-cost, high-fidelity, squadron-level KC-135R simulator and weapon system trainer. This fully immersive DMO-capable boom operator trainer is fitted within a KC-135R aircraft replica. The training system consists of a boom operator's pod, associated operating systems, 4-channel image generation and projection systems, instructor operator station, physics-based tanker and receiver models, threat environment generation station and ARCNet Gateway. Fully qualified boom operators at 17 ANG KC-135R flying units will use the eventual production BOSS for continuation, upgrade, and currency training, mission qualification, and mission-rehearsal DMO training through the ANG DTOC. The seven MetaVR visual systems delivered to AVT replace the 4-channel Quantum 3D IDX 4000 visual systems used up to now in the BOSS Prototype. The additional 3 VRSG channels provide additional side views for refueling auxiliary wingtip fuel tanks and a floor view so the boom operator can see the receiver aircraft move away during separation after refueling. The VRSG systems are housed in an 84" rackmount cabinet.

Source: MetaVR Inc.
Date: Aug 18, 2011