Esterline CMC Electronics' New 10.4 Inch Class 2 EFB on Boeing B737NG Production Aircraft

Boeing (Renton WA.) will install Esterline CMC Electronics' 10.4 inch Class 2 PilotView(r) Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on the Next-Generation B-737 production aircraft ordered by Ethiopian Airways. Boeing has received its first purchase order from the airline for a quantity of ten B737NG production aircraft. CMC's Class 2 EFB system is now available on production aircraft and for retrofit on B737NG and BBJ aircraft. Boeing has developed a common application suite and ground infrastructure for use across Class 1, 2 and 3 EFBs, a move designed to maximize the value of the EFB by including Boeing and Jeppesen applications and data. Greg Yeldon, Esterline CMC Electronics president, said: "Boeing's selection of the latest addition to our EFB product portfolio, and the first purchase order for the B737NG production aircraft by Ethiopian Airways is excellent news. This certainly strengthens our growing OEM supplier position in the commercial air transport market." CMC's PilotView(r) EFB stays powered during all flight phases and is integrated with a number of aircraft systems, thereby improving value for pilots by increasing productivity and reducing workload. It features a large LED-backlit display delivering enhanced readability in all ambient lighting conditions. The compact, self-contained display-processor offers all of the latest processing capabilities available in the PilotView(r) product line. In addition to CMC's OEM positions with major aircraft manufacturers, over 25 STCs are available for the PilotView(r) EFB system.

Source: Esterline CMC Electronics
Date: Aug 5, 2011