Meggitt Wins Contract for USAF B-1B Wheel and Brake System

Meggitt, a leading international company specialising in components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets, has been selected on the B-1B wheel and brake system improvement programme by the US Air Force. The programme, with the Defense Logistics Agency - Ogden, is due to commence in early August and is worth an estimated $190 million over the life of the aircraft. The programme includes the retrofit of around 66 bombers. The wheel and brake design for the B-1B, an eight-wheeled strategic long-range bomber that can carry large payloads of guided and unguided weapons in the USAF's inventory, was first developed by Meggitt in the 1970s. Meggitt's state-of-the-art solution will provide the best value over all with significant operating cost and logistical improvements. Modernised wheel and brake frame technology enhances thermal management and weight efficiency. The performance and reliability specification was also met by incorporating Meggitt's high performance Nu-Carb carbon heatsink material. This is expected to last almost four times longer in service than the previous product and has been proven in the field by demanding high-cycle airlines requiring frequent take-offs and landings.

Source: Meggitt Plc.
Date: Aug 2, 2011