Navy Gets New Ship Simulator

The Royal Netherlands Navy has ordered a new ship simulator, which is scheduled for delivery in 2013. This will enable crews to keep up their skills in a more cost-effective manner. The contract for the simulator's construction and maintenance up to 2025 was signed in Den Helder by representatives of the Defence Materiel Organisation and the firm of CSC. The new Ship Handling Simulator is one of the most advanced on the market. Up to six teams can train in it simultaneously, either separately or together. More training in the simulator means less time at sea and thus lower costs. In addition, the simulator provides a safe environment in which mistakes can be made without the risk of damage. Near-reality The new training tool achieves near-reality by giving a 360 degree representation of the outside world. It can also simulate many different situations which at present require on-board experience. Examples include mooring in bad weather, search and rescue missions, relieving a ship that has been overpowered by pirates, air defence and resupplying at sea. The simulator can also be programmed for training in manoeuvring and navigating new ships, so that crews can start actual operations in a new ship without delay. NThe construction of the simulator will start this autumn.
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Source: MoD NL
Date: Jul 27, 2011