Premium Aerotec Produces 1st A350 Main Landing Gear Attachments Made of Titanium

Premium AEROTEC achieves further progress in producing parts for the long-range Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body) family: the first main landing gear attachments have been completed some 16 months after order intake. Beyond that work package, Premium AEROTEC is responsible for the new Airbus generation's complete front fuselage section 13/14 as well as the side shells of the rear fuselage sections 16 through 18, plus the floor structure, and the pressure bulkhead of the rear section. The main landing gear attachments which have now been completed are titanium construction groups weighing up to 210 kilograms. They consist of titanium components which are milled with high precision at Premium AEROTEC's Augsburg plant from forged blanks originally weighing almost 600 kilograms. Apart from Premium AEROTEC, there are very few manufacturers anywhere in the world who are capable of processing such large titanium components in this way. At both sides of an aircraft the main landing gear of the A350 XWB are connected to the rear wing spar by three of these attachments, so that Premium AEROTEC will eventually be delivering six of these components to Airbus in the UK for each A350 XWB airliner. The installation of these attachments on the rear wing spar in the UK is a major step in the context of in the A350 wing production.
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Source: Premium AEROTEC
Date: Jul 27, 2011