Meggitt's advanced lithium battery system for G650

Meggitt, a leading international company specialising in components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets, is pleased to announce that Securaplane Technologies Inc ("Securaplane"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract from Gulfstream for its advanced lithium battery system. Gulfstream Aerospace will equip its new flagship G650 aircraft with Securaplane's advanced lithium-ion battery system. This is the first Gulfstream aircraft to feature the technology that is 50% lighter than conventional NiCad or lead acid batteries and has a higher energy density. Securaplane has calculated that the weight reduction per ship set equates to nearly one passenger. The Securaplane system comprises main ship, emergency and flight control backup batteries with integral charging and control electronics. As the system comes with built-in monitoring, operators will benefit from the opportunity to schedule timely maintenance. With the lower fuel per flight hour arising from the system's low weight, this reduces the cost of ownership significantly. Lithium-based systems have demonstrated excellent performance in safety critical medical applications and essential telecommunications services but its profile in aerospace is growing. Securaplane is pioneering lithium battery technology on commercial aircraft, developing the charger for the lithium main ship batteries on the Boeing 787 through Thales and, direct to Boeing, the aircraft's rechargeable batteries for the wireless emergency lighting system. Securaplane has proven non-chargeable lithium-based primary batteries in wireless smoke detection systems for Boeing's 727,737,757, VIP and cargo transports. Shubayu Chakraborty, President of Securaplane commented: "Gulfstream's decision to pioneer this exciting technology is a very significant milestone in the development of this technology in the business jet sector. Like the large transports, business aircraft will benefit significantly from these lower weight, higher performance systems that provide opportunities for maintenance economies over the life of the aircraft." The G650 contract is estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars over the lifetime of the programme.
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Source: Meggitt Plc.
Date: Jul 19, 2011