Spirit Celebrates Rollout of 1st Test Pylon for CSeries Aircraft Program

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., (NYSE: SPR) the world's largest independent supplier of commercial airplane assemblies and components, today celebrated the rollout of the first test pylon for the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. The pylon and underwing structure used to mount the aircraft's power plant to the wing are designed and manufactured by Spirit at the company's Wichita, Kan., facility. "Today's rollout marks a significant milestone and highlights a unique opportunity to collaborate with a prominent OEM in developing an all-new aircraft for the 100- to 149-seat market segment," said John Pilla, senior vice president and general manager of Spirit's propulsion segment. "Spirit has extensive experience with underwing pylons, and is honored to work with Bombardier on this program. The CSeries aircraft pylon is the latest example of how we put our team's dedication, determination, and expertise to work in support of our customer." "The rollout of the first test pylon is a significant milestone in the development of the CSeries aircraft and I'm pleased to be here in Kansas to represent Bombardier as we celebrate this achievement with Spirit AeroSystems," said Rob Dewar, vice president and general manager, CSeries, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. "Spirit and Bombardier have worked closely together since 2009 to develop a world-class product, and this pylon represents the hard work done jointly by our companies. Bombardier selected Spirit for its knowledge and experience in developing underwing pylons, and the achievement of this milestone further reinforces our confidence in selecting Spirit for the program." In 2009, Bombardier awarded a contract to Spirit AeroSystems to design and build pylons for both the CS100 and CS300 aircraft models. The work package also includes systems, strut-to-wing hardware, and the aft fairing package. Spirit has more than 75 years of experience designing and producing pylons, including those for every Boeing commercial airplane currently in production. Through a collective effort, Spirit, Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney worked together to define structural interface points and complete the pylon structure's design. Spirit's end item deliverable is made up of lightweight aluminum, titanium, and composite components; a combination of procured items, Spirit-fabricated components, and Bombardier furnished equipment. "Together, Spirit and Bombardier have created a constructive, progressive, and highly transparent working relationship," said Richard Roby, manager of Spirit's CSeries aircraft pylon program. "As evidence of this team-focused effort, the CSeries aircraft pylon is the first non-Boeing pylon designed and assembled by Spirit."

Source: Spirit AeroSystems Inc.
Date: Jul 13, 2011