B/E Aerospace Wins Super 1st Class Program Awards from 3 Major Middle Eastern Airlines

B/E Aerospace (Nasdaq:BEAV), the world's leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products and the world's leading distributor of aerospace fasteners and consumables, today announced that the Company has been selected by three major Middle Eastern airlines to outfit their new-buy wide-body aircraft with B/E Aerospace next generation super first class suites. The awards are initially valued in excess of $125 million. B/E Aerospace will provide these three airlines with individually and jointly developed customized private suites for their first class international passengers. Each of the airlines has chosen luxurious amenities, extraordinary comfort and private personal space designed to maximize the passenger experience. "International passenger travel to and from the Middle East has been, and is expected to remain, among the fastest growing routes in the world. We are honored to have been selected to partner with these leading international airlines. These awards further solidify our position as the market leader in the Middle East, and further strengthen our position as the global market leader for premium class aircraft cabin interior products," commented Amin J. Khoury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of B/E Aerospace. The company also announced that it has achieved record second quarter bookings of approximately $800 million which were approximately 45 percent greater than the same quarter of the prior year.
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Source: B/E Aerospace Inc.
Date: Jul 13, 2011