Hartzell Propeller Introduces New Scimitar Top Prop 3-Blade Conversion for Cessna 182

Hartzell Propeller Inc. has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a 3-bladed propeller conversion kit for the Cessna 182 through 182R series and the Reims, France-built F182Q & R (1956 - 1986). The conversion kit provides Cessna 182s with improved performance, appearance, and decreased noise signatures. The new Hartzell Top Prop kit features "blended" airfoil Scimitar-shaped aluminum alloy blades that provide improved take-off and climb performance, a 2.5 dB(a) noise reduction as compared to the stock 2-blade prop, and an improved TBO without any loss in cruise speed. Installation of this propeller typically results in smoother operation as well. "I felt and heard the immediate difference; it was quieter and the climb was noticeably improved," says Hartzell customer and Cessna 182 owner, Jim Higgins from Tuscola, Illinois. "Probably the best improvement is the smoothness of the ride. I could no longer feel vibration in my seat. It makes a big difference when you are sitting for hours." "With more than 18,000 Top Prop conversions sold, Hartzell offers pilots one of the easiest and most economical methods for improving the value, and utility of their aircraft," says Top Prop program manager Mike Trudeau. "More than 70 different Beechcraft, Cessna, Commander, Diamond, Mooney, Piper, and SOCATA kits are currently available, making the Top Prop family the largest and most complete propeller conversion offerings in the world."

Source: Hartzell Propeller Inc.
Date: Jul 8, 2011