Astra 1N and Ariane 5 - another double prime for Astrium

The Astra 1N satellite, designed and manufactured by Astrium for the satellite operator SES Astra, has been fully fuelled and has been integrated with the Ariane 5 launch vehicle at the European spaceport in French Guiana. Scheduled for launch on 01 July, Astra 1N will deliver direct-to-home (DTH) services, including digital and high definition (HD) television with pan-European coverage, and is planned to mainly serve the German, French and Spanish markets. It will first provide interim capacity at 28.2oE, and will subsequently be moved to SES Astra's prime location at 19.2oE for primary and backup services. Astrium is also the industrial prime contractor for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle that will place Astra 1N in orbit. The scheduled launch will be the fourth Ariane 5 mission since February - an average of one launch every month from Kourou. Based on Astrium's highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, Astra 1N is equipped with over 50 active Ku-band transponders. Astra 1N will have a launch mass of 5,300 kg and a spacecraft power of 13kW for its 15-year designed lifetime. Launch and Early Orbit Phase operations will be conducted from the Astrium spacecraft control centre in Toulouse Astra 1N will be the fourth Eurostar satellite in the Astra fleet following the successful launch of Astra 3B in May 2010. Astra 1N will also become the 23rd Eurostar E3000 in orbit, with Astrium's Eurostar series accumulating nearly 400 years of successful in-orbit operations.

Source: Astrium
Date: Jun 29, 2011