Thales Australia and Nammo Announce Strategic Agreement

The 10-year agreement expands on many years of cooperation between the two companies, and builds on a 2010 commitment to work together on ammunition for the F-35 fighter program, in particular on the Armor Piercing EXplosive (APEX) Norwegian ammunition concept. The agreement also covers Nammo's special Reduced Ricochet Risk training round, plus Thales's Armour Piercing Fragmenting & Incendiary (APFI) ammunition round. Under the increased scope of the new agreement, Nammo and Thales will work together in Research & Development, technology transfer, and component supply from Nammo, and further collaborate within the market place. Chris Jenkins, Thales Australia's CEO, said: "This cooperation will increase the range of domestic capability we are able to deliver to the Australian Department of Defence, and will boost our export potential by leveraging our world-class propellant technology and Nammo's specialist ammunition design and manufacturing heritage." Edgar Fossheim, President & CEO of Nammo Group, said: "Nammo is excited about the teaming with Thales Australia. The APEX concept is based on more than 20 years of heritage in the aircraft ammunition business with presence on nearly all fighter aircraft of NATO and in the western world. Cooperation with Thales, as an ordnance industry leader from one of the primary JSF partner nations, will promote the introduction of APEX."

Source: Nammo AS
Date: Jun 27, 2011