SELEX SI unveils FlexMis at Le Bourget

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, has unveiled its FlexMis installed on a C27J aircraft by Alenia Aeronautica at Le Bourget. FLexMis is a light aircraft transportable structure, made from carbon fibre with a "Roll-on Roll-off", installation integrated on an avionic standard pallet. It is designed to act as the unique mechanical interface towards the aircraft. The structure, consistent with a rapid deployment and easily moveable, includes several operational modules which work within the NATO standard pallet named HCU-6/E (225x275 cm). FlexMis, which is 170 centimeters high and weights 380 kilos, includes three operator seats - one for a supervisor and two for the console operators; two vertical consoles which incorporate two displays - a PC for the presentation software and a PC for the voice communication system; and a rack for 12 units which integrates the Multi Data Link Processor (M-DLP) created by SELEX Sistemi Integrati. For embarking and disembarking operations onboard the C27J aircraft carrier, the standard NATO procedures for loading and fastening are used, without any need for other mechanical anchorage between the aircraft and the FlexMis system. The electro mechanic structure of FlexMis complies with NATO's standard flight certification for shocks and vibrations, so is suitable for embarkation and flight transportation until its final destination. During the flight transfer, the system is kept switched off. As far as operational applications are concerned, the FlexMis structure can rely on an M-DLP, which guarantees configurability, modularity and scalability. This makes the FlexMis suitable to host systems and equipment covering possible operational functions of co-ordination, command and control, situational awareness, special forces co-ordination, and rescue operations such as evacuating war areas or natural disaster zones. Connections to tactical data links - Data Relay Link 16 and Data Forwarding - are also guaranteed. FlexMis is made operational through the use of an electrical power supply taken from the service plugs present within the loading room (115/220 VAC 50/60Hz).
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Source: Selex SI
Date: Jun 24, 2011