Regional Swedish Airline Malmo Aviation Selects navAero for Class 2 EFB

Malmo Aviation has selected navAero to supply the tBag(tm)C22 Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag system for the airline's fleet of Avro RJ70, 85 and 100 aircrafts. Malmo Aviation will begin the implementation of the EFB program during the second-half of 2011 deploying the navAero Class 2 systems into all of the airline's Avro aircrafts using a new navAero EASA STC. The navAero Class 2 EFB system deployments will include the navAero-designed HSDPA//UMTS/EDGE/GPRS wireless cellular communications module to enable on-ground data transfer, and the ARINC 429 connectivity module that will allow for the depiction of own-ship position on an airport surface area moving map application. In terms of other EFB uses, Malmo Aviation will be implementing a variety of applications including performance software provided by BAE Systems. The airline will also be using the EFB platform for document viewing as well as for displaying aeronautical charts as an extended service from their current charting provider. navAero spokesperson, Knut Aabo, Executive VP Sales and Marketing, states "Having Malmo Aviation join the growing navAero family of forward-thinking airlines who have embraced Class 2 EFB technology is a significant moment. Their decision clearly shows that the business case for Class 2 EFBs can be justified for short-haul, regional airlines. EFB technology is not just for the long-haul airlines. Regional carriers too can realize significant cost savings through the implementation of EFB-based technology solutions to help increase their operational efficiency." "Malmo has clearly seen the benefits of what Class 2 EFB system can provide and have justified the cost and return-on-investment for moving into this technology." Aabo explained. "We are very proud to have Malmo as our launch customer for the Avro STC - a certification that we will be promoting and offering to all the other Avro operators around the globe early next year."

Source: navAero
Date: Jun 24, 2011