Malta ATM Systems' Upgrading Awarded to Selex SI

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, signed a contract with MATS, Malta Air Traffic Services, for the upgrading of the Maltese air traffic management system. The upgrading will allow the application of system technologies recently realized by the Finmeccanica company also thanks to the participation in international projects like FASTI (First ATC Support Tool Implementation) a programme driven by Eurocontrol, which will allow the air traffic controllers to use the new available instruments for air traffic management employed according to the actual rules. The main objective of FASTI e is the harmonization and the implementation of new and more effective operational systems, in accordance with the Master plan for air traffic control as defined in the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme. With this contract, the Maltese customer has awarded to SELEX Sistemi Integrati the future development of its air traffic control systems and confirms a long standing trust to the Finmeccanica company. SELEX Sistemi Integrati has been a reference partner in Malta for the latest 25 years, while one of the most recent contracts dates back two years ago. The agreement referred to the upgrading of the ATC radar network and included the supply of two mode S secondary radars whose data, already integrated with the present operational system, will be integrated into the upgraded system. Another noteworthy project carried out with the Maltese customer was the project TAR-Terminal Area Radar realised in Malta, which was the very first system installed outside Italy realised by using commercial components. This is why it has become an example of an efficient company strategy based on the use of "Cots" (Components off the shelf). For instance, this approach has allowed the transfer of the SATCAS system for the complete air traffic control by SELEX Sistemi Integrati on a new open platform, made with hardware e software commercial architectures.

Source: Selex SI
Date: Jun 23, 2011