Alenia Aermacchi Selects Barco for Advanced Trainer Jet Simulator

Visualization pioneer Barco is proud to announce that Alenia Aermacchi, part of the Aeronautics Sector of Finmeccanica led by Alenia Aeronautica, has selected Barco to construct a visual display system for its M-346 trainer jet flight simulator. The simulator, developed in partnership with CAE, will be used on tradeshows and other promotional events to demonstrate the power of the trainer aircraft to potential customers. To give customers a highly realistic view of the M-346, Alenia Aermacchi wanted to create a flight simulator dedicated for ground demonstrations. Barco designed a tailor-made visual display system consisting of a cylindrical screen with three rear-projected SIM 7 projectors for a 180o out the window view and an additional SIM 5W projector for the head-up display projection. "Alenia Aermacchi has a longstanding reputation in the trainer aircraft market," says Kurt Doornaert, market development manager for Barco. "We are proud to have been selected for this project. The SIM 7 projectors are equipped with the industry's latest and fastest switching LCoS technology, which delivers razor sharp, no-smear images for high-speed motion applications, ideal for this project. This flight simulator will be the ideal way for Alenia Aermacchi to promote their trainer jets even more."

Source: Barco
Date: Jun 22, 2011