Innocon Signed Contract for Supply of 50 MicroFalcon Systems

Innocon signed a contract for the supply of 50 MicroFalcon systems to an Asian country. Michael Armon, Innocon's CEO, says: "We are happy to announce the signature of this contract." He goes on, "This is a vote of confidence in Innocon's MicroFalcon UAV system, which is designed for close range low altitude surveillance missions". The MicroFalcon System is a high performance, small unmanned aerial system, which is designed to be activated by one operator in extreme weather, and under the most demanding conditions. This light weight, 6kg UAS operates at an altitude of 15,000 feet and stays airborne for 2 hours day or night. Remarkably rugged, with boxed type wings, the Micro Falcon can land upside down using a parachute thereby increasing survivability and cutting down on redeployment time cycle.
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Source: Innocon
Date: Jun 9, 2011