2 Successful Launches for CMS and EMPAR Radar

SELEX Sistemi Integrati executed two very positive launches to test the capabilities of the combat management system (CMS) and multifunctional EMPAR radar onboard the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour. The missile system SAAM/IT, which was officially qualified by this campaign, managed both launches. The SAAM/IT, a system realized within the international cooperation programme FSAF, is made by the multifunctional EMPAR radar system, by the AGIS command and control system, both developed and realised by SELEX Sistemi Integrati, and by the vertical launcher sub-system and the Aster 15 missile both belonging to MBDA. Both launches had a successful result in terms of intercept and correct behavior of the SAAM/IT and of the capability of the whole combat management system of the Cavour aircraft carrier. The first launch was made in autonomous configuration, not integrated with the ship combat system, and achieved the shooting down of the radio target (MIRACH). The EMPAR was able to intercept, track and allow the threat neutralization, respecting the mission timing. The second launch was realized using the EMPAR radar system integrated into the combat management system of the Cavour aircraft carrier. The target was intercepted in less of 50 centimeters of distance, allowing the management system to recognize the threat and allow its neutralization. The CMS and the EMPAR confirmed to be completely reliable in terms of combat readiness, also ensuring very fast response times. The second launch was particularly important because it involved the whole Cavour combat management system, qualifying the integrated capabilities to intercept, track and neutralize a target through the onboard sensors. The CMS, recently and successfully tested on shore, is a combat system among the most complex in the European scenario, with a high usage flexibility. It is operational thanks to functionalities as the navigation support, automatic local and force threat evaluation, surface and air threats engagement, air traffic control, tactical picture management through the integration of the information provided by the onboard sensors and by the tactical links elements. The EMPAR is the main radar system installed onboard of Cavour which also hosts many radars and sensors provided by SELEX Sistemi Integrati, like the surface radar RASS, the surveillance radar RAN40L, the IFF Phased Array, the PAR (Precision Approach Radar) and the FCS - Fire Control Systems. Other onboard navigation equipments and systems used for information exchange onboard are again managed by the CMS of the Finmeccanica company.
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Source: Selex SI
Date: May 31, 2011