Premium AEROTEC on the upswing

Against this backdrop, Premium AEROTEC has begun hiring more and more production specialists. At the same time, the expansion of Premium AEROTEC's engineering division is moving forward, above all in the area of carbon fibre (CFC) technology in design and statics. Moreover, Premium AEROTEC expects to need around 50 additional experienced engineers in the CFC sector, particularly for design and stress analyses. "The build-up of our production workforce is combined with an expansion of our development capabilities. This emphasises that it is not merely a short-term workload peak, but rather a continuing climb for Premium AEROTEC," states Joachim Nagele, Executive Board of Management spokesman and Head of Programmes and Sales at Premium AEROTEC. Operational since 1 January 2009, Premium AEROTEC has already become firmly established in its sector and is earning a top position: it is the number one supplier of aerostructures in Europe and ranks fifth worldwide. For the new Airbus programme A350 XWB, Premium AEROTEC is relying on top technological competence in all development and application areas, on well qualified employees and conveniently located infrastructures. Applying innovative, award-winning and patented manufacturing technologies such as laser welding technology in aircraft construction, milling and cutting methods for the precise and economical processing of high-strength metal alloys or production processes for the flexible, energy saving and cost-effective production of large CFC aircraft components, Premium AEROTEC ensures technological progress in both civil and military aircraft construction to the benefit of its customers and relies on pioneering achievements in nearly all its activities for the entire process chain of modern, efficient aircraft.
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Source: European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V. (Paris: EAD.PA)
Date: May 31, 2011