The Global Missile Market in State of Flux

The global missile market - which the new market study on calculates was worth $10.27bn in 2010 alone - is currently in a state of flux as development continues to move beyond established markets in the US and Europe. A number of emerging markets are now able to forgo joint development with established missile manufacturers and have managed to build advanced capabilities. Simultaneously, a growing number of these countries will be investing billions of dollars into missile programmes over the next 10 years and are looking to procure increasingly sophisticated technology or collaborate on new ranges of missiles. Although the US continues to dominate the global missiles market, countries around the world are ramping up their expenditure on advanced and older missile units. The report covers a number of key emerging markets in detail and covers all regions. The report also discusses recent uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, providing an analysis on their impact on missile spending. This new study sees a tangible shift in the missile market - as elsewhere in the defence industry - towards emerging markets and this report reflects that trend. Half of the key countries covered in detail with year-on-year forecasts in this report are emerging markets. The report is truly global and offers an overview and outlook for many other countries that have been active in missile development or procurement. More information on this new study can be found on, follow the link to the study named 'The Missiles Market 2011-2021 ' in this article.
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The Missiles Market 2011-2021

Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: May 25, 2011